Renewing Members: Information and Application for Membership

The FSP membership year begins annually on October 1.

FSP National opens the renewal process by August 1. Members receive a reminder email in August from FSP National that it is time to renew their membership.

Membership renewal is quick and easy with the online form at

National website
Questions on eligibility and payment: Call 610-526-2500
All members must pay applicable National and Chapter Dues

Membership Categories
Premier Membership information
Autodraft Information
General information on membership in FSP

2017/2018 Dues Chart for FSP National and Chapter Dues for FSP-Twin Cities:

Membership Type

Local Dues

National Dues Total Dues
Regular $200.00 $380.00 $580.00
Young Professional $100.00 $190.00 $290.00
Full-time Professor $40.00 $190.00 $230.00
Retired $135.00 $190.00 $325.00
Associate $100.00 $190.00 $290.00
Student $30.00 $48.00 $78.00
Non-Resident $125.00 $380.00 $505.00


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