Five Ways to Meet Our City and Our People

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by | Jul 5, 2018

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Minneapolis and St. Paul are full of bustling scenes—the dining scene, the arts and culture scene, the nightlife scene, and especially in the warmer months, the outdoor scene. We have the big names in each, of course, but to really get a sense of the Twin Cities and to meet new people, don’t overlook the hidden gems. Here are five of our top picks:

Pedal Pub Twin Cities

Sip some suds with new friends with Pedal Pub Twin Cities. Pedal Pub gives you a couple of hours of cruising around Minneapolis and St. Paul to visit some of the best spots around town for a beer or drink.

Buy an individual seat on a mixer tour and meet people who are interested in some of the same things you are: good drinks, Twin Cities living, a bit of fresh air and fun. With seven routes across both metros, you’re bound to find a new hangout spot for later and meet someone to go to it with. If you want to create a customized tour with family, friends or coworkers, check out their private events, too.

Taste Twin Cities Food Tours

Food is one of the great uniters of life. Join a public tour by Taste Twin Cities and walk along the scenic Minneapolis riverfront, in Northeast Minneapolis, around either downtowns, or even in the skyways. (Trust us—the skyways have their own ecosystem, and it’s largely centered around food.) Once the food is served, conversations starts flowing. Also check out their themed public bus tours on pizza and wineries or their private tour options.

Open Mic Nights

Open Mic nights combine local sound, local venues, and of course, local artists and art appreciators. For poetry, one option is to go to Kieran’s Irish Pub in downtown Minneapolis every fourth Tuesday for Poetry SlamMN!; you might even get picked as one of the five random judges. Moto-I has one of the biggest music open mics in the city every Tuesday, but for something more intimate, where performers come to play and chat, try The Warming House. Don’t forget about comedy; the weekly one at Comedy Corner Underground is always a good option.

Social Dances

The Twin Cities have a bounty of social dance places where you can move to the beat, no shoes required. Of course we have hopping night clubs, but for ones that can give you a taste of salsa, ballroom, swing and more.

Check out places like Tapestry Folkdance Center, with drop-in and beginner classes for line dancing, international dances, ballroom parties, and more; the popular Mediterranean Cruise Cafe, which offers late night Salsa Saturdays; and one of the favorites, St. Paul’s historic Wabasha Street Caves for swing dancing. (Find even more places in our roundup.)

Each starts the night with some introductory lessons, and then from there, you can dance the night away and mingle when you want to take a break from the dance floor. People who go know it’s called social dance for a reason, so you’ll find that people are usually more than willing to say hello or even share some moves.

Outdoor Yoga

Through September, Mill City Farmers Market is hosting semiweekly outdoor yoga, courtesy of Alchemy 365 and YogaFit. Bring a mat or just go on the grass and stretch out, and meet other people who like to hit refresh in the same ways you do. Make sure to check out the farmers market before or after.

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